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An Exclusive Deal From the Makers of Cover Your Assets

Limited Time Holiday Special! Spend $40 on any combination of Grandpa Beck's Games, and get a FREE copy of your choice of one of the following games:

For example, purchase Cover Your Kingdom and Skull King, then get Cover Your Assets free! (Ok, so that's really $39.98 but we'll count it!) If you have been eyeing any of these games, now is the best time to buy! Get this deal in store or here on our website! Promotion will automatically apply to qualifying purchases. 


Grandpa Beck’s Games is a family business local to Utah! Every one of their games was created by Grandpa Beck at the kitchen table with the help of his wife, their 5 children & their spouses, as well as their 15 grandchildren. Here are the two newest games in the Grandpa Beck’s collection:


Cover Your Kingdom is the new & hilarious advanced adaptation of Cover Your Assets!

Cover Your Kingdom is an absurdly cutthroat take-that (and-this-and-the-other) set-collection party game. It's quick to pick up, hard to put down, and constantly amusing. Clash with Rival Rulers as you battle to persuade Clans of Punderful Magical Creatures to join your Kingdom. This is no contest for the weak of heart (or thin of skin). Your Kingdom is in need of creatures and you must be willing to do ANYTHING to acquire them! Equally engaging for adults, teens, and older kids, with loads of player-interaction and compelling, yet easy to grasp mechanics, it's the ideal game for building relationships... or destroying them! (Perfect for family reunions!) Check it out here.


Assume the role of assistants to the famed archaeologist, Nigel Remington, as you race to complete collections of ancient antiquities and treasures. But beware, your fellow adventurers and the nefarious antiquity bounty hunter, Tess Wynter, will stop at nothing to sabotage your efforts! What are you waiting for? The adventure beckons! Check it out here.


Now is a great time to try out one or both of these games, as well as during this holiday promotion. We promise you won’t regret it! Click here to shop Grandpa Beck's Games.