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"Remember When..."

As a parent, I am always looking for ways to create “remember when…” memories for my kids, because I love my “remember when…” stories.

For instance, “remember when” we played RummiKub in my family. (I know you don’t, but picture it with me.) There are possibly 11 people around our table (I come from a big family). By the end of the game, one of my brothers is rearranging the whole table to put one tile out to so he can finally win the game. That’s a lot of tiles! These games would last for hours and I loved them. My mom, however, hated both competition and games that went too long. If a game got intense or was taking too long, she would walk in and mess up the table and put an end to it. I was always soooo mad when that happened. 

“Remember when” I was playing Risk or Monopoly with my brothers? I loved starting the game with them, but I usually got bought-or rolled-out about an hour into the game. But somehow, just the fact that my brothers would play--sometimes for days--is a fond memory for me.

“Remember when” we were in high school on those “How to Host a Murder” dates? I was the murderer twice! The first time I found out I was the murderer I had to take a “bathroom break” so I could freak out without anyone seeing me. I didn’t lie well then. Those “How to Host a Murder” games seem to have been replaced by the “Escape the Room” games. My family loves the Exit games and I love that we are making a memory.

These days I love games, probably because of all these memories! I mean, the reason I took a job at The Red Balloon Toy Store is mostly so I could be in the know about games. I adore any time I can get my kids to sit down and play a game with me.

They all have different tastes. I have one child who likes slow, thinker games, like Chess or Azul. I have one child who prefers cooperative games like Forbidden Sky or Mysterium because he doesn’t like competition. I have one child who likes fast brainy games, like Dr. Beaker or deceptive games like Tofu Kingdom. I have one child who just prefers games like Five Crowns or Cover Your Assets--games that are easy to learn, have a fairly quick playing time, and are just all fun. 

Sometimes my children’s wildly differing tastes are a challenge. Often someone is playing a game they don't really like, or want to play. So we take turns picking. Everyone plays knowing that it will be their turn to pick soon. 

I know all of us want our children to have “remember when…” moments. We here at The Red Balloon Toy Store love to be the creator and curator of those “Remember When…” moments for you and your family. We believe in “Empowering playtime by providing quality toys, games, and puzzles that encourage wonder, creativity, and imagination.”