The Heart of Utah!

We here at The Red Balloon Toy Store know that you are looking for local companies to support. We are spending from July 19-July 31 celebrating the ingenuity and creativity of Utahns. 

Meet a game designer who hates flies as much as you do!

Meet a children's book author who illustrates her own books!

Meet a science guy who makes science fun for kids!

There's so much more! Poison, elephants, dynamite, chickens, furry creatures! Come explore it all with us!

Join us as we webcast events (all COVID-19 friendly) to learn about what your neighbors are inventing right here in Utah! 

Each day at 2:30 on YouTube and Facebook we will meet with a different designer and talk about their games. We introduce the campaign on Monday August 20 with David Castillo, the Vice President of The Red Balloon Toy Store. Then we have a special guest on Tuesday, Jeff Beck from Grandpa Beck's Games.*

*No, technically Grandpa Beck's Games is not Utah based. Come learn why Jeff wants to be the exception to the rule.