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April 2022 - Tangles


Let me tell you a little bit about one of the best fidget toys out there: Tangles! We love toys here at The Red Balloon and we’ve been huge fans of fidget toys lately. At times when you just need a good toy to twist, snap or fidget with - the Tangle has got you covered! 

Tangles are twisty, turny, squirmy toys that are perfect for fidgeting. Each Tangle is made up of 18 multicolored segments that all snap together. Just move the segments around, and they move fluidly in your hand! You can even take the segments apart, and rearrange them in any color order you want; if you want to get REALLY twisted, you can even combine multiple Tangles together! 

The Tangle was invented in the year 1981 by sculptor, inventor, and CEO of Tangle Creations, Richard X Zawitz. His first Tangle prototype was originally meant to be an art puzzle, not a fidget toy. Some of his users reported feeling calm while playing with the puzzle, and that it helped them stay focused; this inspired Zawitz to switch gears!

For the next 40 years, Zawitz would work to refine and perfect the Tangle so that it could help relax, entertain, focus, and spark creativity in those who played with it. Tangles have been and remain some of the most popular fidget toys on the market for kids, adults, and individuals with sensory challenges.

The Tangle team is always innovating and pushing the boundaries of the Tangle! Just recently, they released new Aquatic Pet Tangles, as well as Tangles covered in Fuzz! We’re so excited to have them back in stock - and just in time for Easter too! So if you’re looking for a fun & inexpensive toy for an Easter gift, check out Tangles!