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March 2022 - Love Pearl

Here at The Red Balloon Toy Store, we love unique toys that really stand out from the rest; and let me tell you, Love Pearls really stand out! With these kits, you get to assemble a necklace by harvesting your very own pearl from a real oyster! 

The Love Pearl kits come with the necklace pendant of your choice and a can containing a freshwater oyster; inside the oyster, a beautiful treasure waiting to be uncovered. The pearls come in many different shapes and colors, making each precious pearl, one-of-a-kind. Fun Fact: The different colors of pearls have different meanings attached to them.

Did you know that pearls are one of the most scarce materials in our universe - even more than diamonds?!? That’s because pearls can only be made here on earth, by our very own mollusks! 

But how DO oysters make pearls?  

Well, the creation of a pearl begins when a little piece of material - an irritant - slips in-between an oyster’s shell and mantle. It’s a lot like getting a splinter, but for mollusks. As this irritant stays within the oyster, it begins to collect coats of nacre. (Nacre is the shiny material that lines the inside of an oyster’s shell.) As these layers build up and up, the pearl grows bigger and bigger! After a few months - or YEARS - the pearl is ready to be harvested!

If you want to see this process up close, grab a Love Pearl kit! There’s a unique pearl waiting for you or a loved one to discover and adorn!