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SKU: AM21757

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 Ages: 13+

Players: 2-7

 Play Time: 20 min

Plant and harvest your beans in this classic game that gets players interacting as they strategize, trade, and sometimes even give their beans away. Bonus: in addition to the base game, this edition includes a 50-card expansion that allows up to 7 players to grow beans together!

Ever imagined you were a bean farmer? Sure, who hasn't! You got your Red beans, your green beans, your black-eyed beans, your coffee beans. But where to plant them. In this card game, smart sowing lets you reap big rewards. Plant The beans you do want, and trade the beans you don't want to the other players. Adding to the realism of the game, The one who ends up with the most money wins.

  • 154 bean cards
  • 7 third bean field cards
  • 1 rule booklet