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GraviTrax® Lifter

SKU: RV27622

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The Ravensburger interactive ball rail system

Ages: 8+

Transport your balls back up! With this set you can take your marble track experience to a new level. Combine the lift and the extra building elements with your GraviTrax Starter Set for even more action on the ball track. How many marbles do you transport with the lift back up? Playable only with the GraviTrax Starter Set.


  • Instructions (D, F, I, EN, NL, E)
  • 1 lift
  • 7 silver marbles
  • 1 transparent floor
  • 8 large vertical parts
  • 4 small vertical parts
  • 1 long plastic rail
  • 2 medium plastic rails
  • 3 short plastic rails


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