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Arts Robot Spiral Factory


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Build your own Arts Robot Factory!

Ages: 8+

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Reuse your favorite soft drink can and hire then as your factory worker! Once you give the robot a pen (not included), you can then instruct it to create various amazing spiral art designs & patterns.

Playsteam Education is a company dedicated to designing and developing a wide range of STEM toys and learning kits for children all over the world. Our design team consists of some of the world's leading product designers and our mission is to educate and inspire kids through our innovative and engaging products.
  • Inspire - How does the power of a drawing robot come about? Why would a robot draw a kaleidoscopic picture? How can children design their own unique pictures? The robot can also give children space to think and explore, so that they can take inspiration from it.
  • Fun - The principle of the doodle robot is already widely used for moving, cutting and assembling. This kind of robot can perform industrial operations on paper using a specific formula. Children will have endless fun interacting with the toys.
  • Creative - Organise a painting party. What is the effect of painting with two or three different colour brushes on a single piece of paper? See how robots create more interesting patterns in "colour collisions". You can also draw your own creative little drawings on paper!
  • Share - What interesting paintings have your friends created? Share your pictures with your friends!
  • Perfect gift - The toys are beautifully packaged and brightly coloured, making them a great present.
    • Robot (back) - 1
    • Robot (torso) - 1
    • Robot (waist) - 1
    • Marker - 1
    • Robot (arms) - 1
    • PB2.3*6 Screw - 7+1(spare)
    • Robot (legs)- 1
    • Powerbase - 1
    • Rocker arm - 1
    • Pen buckle - 1
    • Paper - 30
    • Rocker arm snap - 1
    • Adjustment knob - 1
    • Tray - 1
    • Conveyor belt - 1
    • Conveyor dish - 1