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Aurora Breyer Bridle Buddies - 11" White/Pink Unicorn

SKU: AU14367

We have run out of stock for this item.

Breyer Bridle Buddies are sweet and cuddly little horses (and unicorns!) who are just too cute!

Ages: 3+

This white Unicorn is soft and plush, with baby-pink accents and an adorable baby style to make them even sweeter. Soft white coat with light pink hooves, sparkly pink unicorn horn, bright white mane, and tail. Perfect for a baby's room or first photoshoot.
  • High quality materials and hand construction makes for a unique and soft touch
  • 11 inches in size
  • Features the classic Breyer logo embroidered on the back left foot
  • Light pink bridle embroidered with a delicate and beautiful lace-like pattern
  • Aurora Brand: Breyer Briddle Buddies