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Aurora - Breyer Showstoppers

SKU: AU14374

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This magical unicorn makes her appearance at the break of day, bringing with her the light of dawn!

Ages: 3+

As bright and warm as her name, Aurora brings joy to all of the forest's creatures. Breyer plush are classic horses made by and for people who love horses (and unicorns)! Aurora has a beautiful soft pink coat with soft white "socks", mane, and tail, and shimmery silver plush hooves and horn. Perfect gift for horse and unicorn lovers alike!
  • High quality materials and hand construction makes for a unique and soft touch
  • 13 inches in size
  • Features a royal silver and gold braided bridle and reins, and a classic Breyer tag
  • Unique Corral Packaging with name plate
  • Aurora Brand: Breyer Showstoppers