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Blast Pad Pro

SKU: MP60014

We have run out of stock for this item.

Ages: 10+

The Blastpad® Pro concept is simple. It was developed to launch our proprietary Blastpad® Pro missiles unbelievably high. So high that you won't even ask how high. You will just look up and say "whoa" in disbelief. These missiles travel farther and stay aloft longer than anything else on the market (without an engine or stored energy). The Blastpad® Pro will perform better than your child's imagination could stand. Imagine sending a Blastpad® Pro missile well over the length of a football field with minimal effort. Imagine looking up and losing sight of it as it touches the clouds and carries on a conversation with new alien life forms (ok, that one was a little dramatic). But really... the most common question over the years with Blastpad® Pro is "how high does it go?" Our standard answer is "how high can you jump?" Now we have the answer! Whoaaaaa! Way high. The Blastpad® Pro will satisfy any kid interested in sending stuff skyward. Make sure you have some serious space ‘cause this Blastronaut is gonna take out a few cumulus clouds (too dramatic again?).

Comes with 3 Blastpad® Pro Missiles.