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Bubbles Rainbow Narwhal

SKU: DC4121

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We’re sure you’ve never met a narwhal like Bubbles before!

Ages: 2+

Crafted with fluffy, plush materials in pastel rainbow colors, Bubbles the plush narwhal certainly stands out in a crowd! Her compact round body design makes for a colorful armful of cuddles or allows her to be a soft pillow. Her attention-grabbing magenta eyes are surrounded by thick fluffy fur, which can be styled to give her different expressions. A soft pink tail and shiny silver horn complete her whimsical appearance. If you’re looking for a unique stuffed animal with lots of personality, get Bubbles as a gift for someone special or make her yours today!
  • They're often called "the unicorn of the sea!"
  • A strange sea creature that comes alive with a fascinating rainbow color and fun fluff! So much to love!
  • Measures about 10 inches long, not including the tusk
  • This plush fluffy rainbow narwhal is surface washable
  • Measurements: 6in H x 5in W x 10in L (12 w/ horn)