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CHESS: Super Mario™ Collector’s Edition


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Ages: 7+

Players: 2

Battle for Victory with Chess Super Mario
Mario and Bowser are battling it out once again; this time in the classic game of Chess! Pick your team and take control of 32 hand-painted playing pieces including: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and more.


  • Exclusive Super Mario Bros. game board
  • 32 custom, hand-painted Super Mario Bros. figurine chess pieces
  • Mario Heroes (Red bases): King represented by Mario, Queen represented by Luigi, Bishops represented by Princesses Peach and Daisy, Knights represented by Yoshi, Rooks represented by Toad, and Pawns represented by Coin
  • Bowser's Troop (Green bases): King represented by Bowser, Queen represented by Bowser Jr., Bishops represented by Magikoopa, Knights represented by Birdo, Rooks represented by Goomba, and Pawns represented by Koopa Shell
  • Collectible tin box