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Construction 30 Piece Children'S Jigsaw Puzzle

SKU: 41-07045

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Constructions is a colorful puzzle illustrated by Springbok Puzzles!

Ages: 3+

Pieces: 30

Dimensions: 14.25" x 11.25"

Each piece is extra thick, 2.5mm, making them durable and easy to handle for kids of all ages! Beep; beep - watch out! This is a construction zone here! The construction workers in this jigsaw puzzle are busy clearing a piece of land in preparation for a brand new building; and they are working fast. Your child will love sharing in the construction experience and will be surprised to discover hidden treasures of puzzle pieces shaped like a tractor; truck; and more!

  • Unique Frame and Tray Design - All puzzles come in an organized, space saving frame and tray design. Each puzzle is cut so deep that you can see the shapes of the pieces in the tray below. This allows children to self-check and help with concentration.
  • Manufactured in Norway - Larsen Puzzles have been manufactured in Flekkefjord, Norway since 1947. This idyllic small town is located right on the coast of Southern Norway.
  • Unique Cut Pieces. Many pieces are shaped like animals or other figures which helps promote cognitive develop and provides some extra fun for your child.