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Corolle Babipouce Floral Bloom Baby Doll


We have run out of stock for this item.

Ages: 18 mo+

My Babipouce 1000 flowers soft baby doll is really soft. Of course, I'd rather be in Mum or Dad's arms, but when they're not there, I give Babipouce 1000 flowers a big hug. He's so soft that I spend long moments resting my head against his. He's small (11 inches) and light so I can grab him easily and take him with me everywhere, like a big boy or girl! But what I really like is when I get close to his realistic, reassuring face... I feel cocooned and comforted by a soft vanilla fragrance. Let me tell you a secret: I think that my parents like my Babipouce 1000 flowers soft baby doll because it brings back lovely childhood memories for them. My Babipouce 1000 flowers and I are inseparable. Because even if I leave it somewhere, it will be returned to me as it has a label for writing my name or my parents' telephone number.