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Fantastic Fashionista

SKU: RV14996

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Ravensburger Fantastic Fashionista, Jigsaw puzzle, 1000 pc(s), Art, Children & adults, 14 yr(s)

Ages: 14+

Pieces: 1000 pc(s)


We bet this little lady is never stuck for something to wear! Just imagine opening the doors on a wardrobe like this … all neatly arranged and colour co-ordinated. Perhaps she's adopted one of those popular ''organising'' methods? We hope this puzzle will give you plenty of joy as you assemble the pieces. You may even discover some inner calm along the way! High quality 1000 piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle. The finished puzzle measures 70 x 50cm when complete. Suitable for ages 12 years and up. Made from strong premium grade cardboard, with linen finish print to minimise glare on puzzle image.