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Froggy Boogie

SKU: BO230

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Ages: 4+

Players: 2-6

Play Time: 15 min

Its nap time at the pond, but the baby frogs still want to play! Help your baby be the first to race around the pond without being spotted by the sleeping grown-ups.

Roll the two multi-colored dice and lift one eye of the matching colored frog. If the popping eye has a baby frog picture underneath, your baby has been caught!

In this magical children’s memory game, you have to remember (or guess) which frogs’ eyes will freeze the babies in their race.

Quality wooden pieces bring the pond to life and will have kids squealing with delight! This eco-friendly memory game is made of sustainable wood.


  • 6 Wooden Baby Frogs
  • 9 Wooden Adult Frogs
  • 18 Wooden Eyes
  • 1 Large Wooden Water Lily
  • 11 Small Wooden Water Lily
  • 2 Wooden Dice
  • Illustrated Rules