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Hot Wheels City EMC Themed


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Ages: 4-8

​These Hot Wheels mission-based, push-around themed playsets includes a variety of environments and opportunities for imaginative storytelling. Sets feature multiple activation points and connect to other Hot Wheels sets to build an EPIC world of Hot Wheels fun. Go on missions and live out exciting stories with themes that include a road trip Mars mission and Shipyard Escape. Each set includes an additional deluxe Hot Wheels vehicle— a Spaceship for your Mars Mission or a Speedboat for amped up storytelling and mission-based play. Each set also includes one Hot Wheels die-cast vehicle to add to the adventures. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles.

  • Hot Wheels EMC Themed Play Set
  • Connects to Other Hot Wheels Sets.
  • Collect Them All!
  • Assorted
  • Not for use with some Hot Wheels sets