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How to Speak Cow

SKU: SK5205

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Do you know how to speak cow? Discover what a cow is really telling you when it says moo!

Ages: 4-8 

"Moo" means "hello."
"Moo" means "goodbye."
"Moo" means "my grass is tasty. Do give it a try."

With delightful, rhyming text, this is the perfect read-aloud picture book. Kids and adults will be laughing at all the things the word "moo" can mean. And they will have loads of fun thinking up all the other things the word "moo" could be used for!
  • Page Count: 24 pages
  • Dimensions - Length: 10.6 in, Width: 8.5 in
  • Written By: Jonathan Irwin
  • Illustrated By: Chris Taylor
  • Hardcover