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I'm a black cat that turns to gold with a simple swipe of your hand. My name is Jinx the Beanie Boo and I must say I am grand. I have one orange eye, the other is green and I come to you this Halloween. I even brought a gift for you, this pumpkin you see here. I'm a friendly cat who likes to play so there's no need to fear.

BIRTHDAY: September 17


The pumpkin is a gift for you,
But that's not all that I can do.
My sequins flip from dark to light
So we can play all through the night!
  • This plush features color-changing reversible sequin fabric
  • Swipe one way and it becomes one color, swipe the other way and it becomes another!
  • Dazzling fluorescent, iridescent, pearlescent, and even holographic colors!
  • Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only
  • 13 in

  • Flippables