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Joy Rainbow Unicorn Princess

SKU: DC770

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Bring all the fun and excitement of spotting a rainbow into your day with the brightly colored Joy the Rainbow Princess Unicorn stuffed animal!

Ages: 2+

This prismatic pony sports a vibrant coat featuring all the colors of the spectrum. Metallic silver hooves and a shining unicorn horn accent her appearance. Joy’s pretty white and magenta mane and tail are extra long and she comes with her own brush so you can style them however your heart desires! Her engaging stand up pose lends additional play value and invites creative play. For unbridled fun and fairytale adventure, Joy the lively Unicorn Princess plush is an utter delight!
  • Measuring 12" tall (not including horn), Joy the stuffed animal rainbow unicorn is a great size for play and adventure seeking.
  • Add her to your favorite unicorn outfit as the cherry on top!
  • Shipping weight (lbs):0.54
  • Measurements: 10in H x 3in W x 10in L