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Layers is a pattern-matching game that requires players to turn, flip, and overlap a Set of five layers to complete the pattern shown on a mission card!

Ages: 8+

Players: 1–4

Play Time: 30 min

Layers is a pattern matching game that requires players to turn, flip, and overlap each Layer to complete the pattern. Players can use 5 layers to create a pattern shown on the mission card. The faster you complete the pattern, the higher your score will be.With a variety of levels, it starts with easy missions using 3 layers up to difficult missions using all 5 layers. Set the various layers in the exact same order as the mission card. Every layer has a different pair of colors on the front and on the back, so look carefully at the direction, colors of the pattern and lay accordingly.Repeat the pattern within the set time and gain points. Bonus points will be given to players in order of completion!