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A United America Wins

Ages: 7+

Players: 2-10

Get ready for “Fun American style.” One of the two decks in the game box allows you to play your favorite card games with a USA flavor (instead of Hearts play Eagles, American Gin, Patriotic Poker, etc.) Add the second deck with “Event” and “Changes in the Wind” cards to play MADE IN THE USA, the game that unites America, is laid out like dominoes, and honors military & first responders.

MADE IN THE USA Game Object:
  • Get rid of all your USA cards.

  • Deal out 30 to 40 USA cards evenly to players.
  • 7 of “Stars” plays first. If no one has 7 of Stars, first “W” left of dealer plays as if it was 7 of Stars.
  • First player may play other cards that “unite” or connect vertically or horizontally to 7 of Stars, but NOT diagonally.

  • Next player may play on the playing area as outlined above, OR play one “Event Card,” but not both on same turn.
  • If can’t play draw USA card, may play immediately.
  • If suit is changed on playing area ”Changes” card is drawn at end of turn, directions read & followed.

Scoring/Winning the Game:
  • First player to get rid of all their cards (still draws “Changes” card if required) scores zero for round.
  • Other players score 5 points each for card values 2-10, 10 points for J-K, 15 points for A’s & Event cards, and 25 points for “W” cards.

Winner is player with the lowest score at the end of allotted time or when someone reaches a predetermined point total (like 100 points).