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Mark my Words

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Making words has never been so fun! Each player is given a number of letter tiles to use to make words and score points!

Ages: 8+

Players: 2-6

As letter tiles keep getting added to the board, new words MUST be made and then marked down for points! Educational, creative and challenging Mark my Words™ is ideal for all ages.

  • Turn the tiles face down and pick 14 each. Put the rest aside.
  • Flip them over in front of you.
  • Each player places one of their letter tiles anywhere on the board.
  • From now on, every time a letter tile is added into play, it MUST touch one of the already positioned tiles and a word, or words, MUST be made.
  • If you make a word, MARK IT DOWN as 1 point.
  • Tally the words of each player at the end of the game to see who's the best word maker!


    75 Letter tiles, 6 Blank tiles, 1 Foldable board, instructions