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Pop 'N Play Greeting Cards - Happy Birthday Robot

SKU: BO06904

We have run out of stock for this item.

Ages: 3+

Make their day with a card with which they can play with Happy Birthday Robot
We are thrilled to announce our new line of greeting cards: Pop ‘n Play! These beautifully illustrated cards double as a card and a game after you punch out a few elements from the punch board included.

Our Pop 'N Play collection features one-of-a-kind greeting cards that open to create 3D miniature games. The back of each card has a blank space for a personalized, hand-written message, as well as suggested rules for how to play.

Card measures 145mm x 15mm x 210mm

To Play: toss the tokens into the chutes standing 30 - 40cms away. You get 1 point for each token that lands in a chute - try to get as many points as possible! Playing with a friend? Divide the tokens equally and compete for the most points.


    This contains a card with a game that is made out of it.