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Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Rails Extreme Set

SKU: MW13777823

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Ages: 6+


Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Rails Sets include the exciting addition of rails that send your marbles zooming from cube to cube. The big difference? You can create treadmill sculptures in all forms such as animals, robots, towers, and geometric shapes. The possibilities are unlimited, which makes it unpredictable where the steel balls go. Follow the plans in each set, be inspired by our planning department, or create your own!

  • Q-BA-MAZE is developed by an architect and inspires creative thinking when experimenting with movement, stability, physics, and art.
  • Think 3-D while designing and building with colors and accessories. It is both right and left brain that is active, both art and science.
  • Contains 82 pieces, 4 bendable tubes, 18 chutes, 4 ball collectors and 30 steel balls
  • Batteries included