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Red Plastic Beaded Jump Rope

SKU: JJI-113

We have run out of stock for this item.

Warning: Strangulation Hazard - Children have been strangled when using ropes. Ensure children do not wrap rope around themselves. This can cause death by strangulation.
Ages: 6+

UNPLUG AND GO PLAY: Simple, classic toy offering hours of enjoyment for young and old. Jumping rope is timeless, classic favorite. Sing, chant, jump and laugh with no batteries required!

FEEL FOR COMFORT: These ropes make that satisfying click on the downswing, like playground ropes from recess you remember!

THESE HIGH QUALITY ROPES: Are made with exacting specifications so they have optimal pliability & durability.

AGILITY, BALANCE, & COORDINATION: All come together beautifully in this colorful version of the classic plain rope. Jumping Rope improves cardiovascular health too!

SAFE MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION WITH YOUR CHILD IN MIND: Using superior materials and improved features, these toys are all modernized versions of proven classics, with better safety and functionality.