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RingStix Lite

SKU: RX-1003

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The Coolest 21st Century Outdoor Game

Ages: 6+

It's a simple and innovative variation of the most common game in everyone's childhood, catch. It uses two Stix shaped like inverted swords to propel a ring at ones partner, who catches the ring and throws it back using his Stix. The game is easy to learn and can be played from 30 yards away. Hours of fun awaits you with this awesome game. Simplified instructions are on the back of the packaging for a closer look check out the "How to Video".

This unique sport offers an entertaining new form of exercise improves agility and hand-eye coordination, gets kids and adults off the couch and away from sedentary technologies like computers, TV and video games.

  • RingStix can be played alone, with a friend, or in a group. The ideal settings would include: your back yard, the park, or the beach. The ring will shoot up to 30 yards when tossed. Players will need to run and move in order to catch the ring.
  • RingStix would make a wonderful teen party game, family reunion game, family activity or youth group activity. Stop by the site in order to watch a video clip of the game being played.
  • Be warned: The sticks are a lot of fun and younger children may use them as swords during imaginary play but they can also just pick up a stick or a broom to do that.
  • RingStix strives to capture the spirit of play and creativity innate to all of us. We want to see people of all ages, young and old, interacting and having fun together.