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SKU: UG53302

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The original rummy tile game of creating runs and sets of numbers now comes in a vintagegift box edition!

Ages: 8+

Players: 2-4

Played by millions for over 50 years, Rummikub is a classic all-family game.

The new edition features an all wooden storage box, complete set of 106 Rummukub game tiles and nifty slide-off lids which double as wood tile racks.

  • With Rummikub from Front Porch Classics, players use the game tiles to create runs and sets of numbers
  • Store the game racks and rummy tiles inside an elegant all-wood box with a nifty sliding matchbox-style storage tray
  • This elegant set makes a great gift for the avid rummy player, and it's a wonderful addition to your family game night
  • Wooden storage box has a sliding matchbox-style tray for game play and storage, plus 106 rummy tiles
  • Front Porch Classics offers 'unplugged family entertainment' that brings people together through play
    • Wooden Storage Box
    • Top and Bottom slide-off lids that double as game tile racks
    • Set of 106 Rummikub Game Tiles