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Sky Watcher Tourbillion Table Clock

SKU: UTG0089

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Ages: 14+
We bet you never thought you could build your own clock out of wood, and have it keep accurate time!

To create this amazing DIY clock made out of natural wood, designers and engineers solved complex problems of friction, gearing, tooth strength, torsion of the clock body and tourbillon axles under spring load. Now the challenge is yours, to build it, bring it to life, and become the clockmaker in your own steampunk universe.

When the model is fully wound it can power the timepiece for approximately 2-3 hours, sufficient for long observation of the mesmerizing mechanism, or to provide a pleasant background ticking clock sound and visual diversion for a period of work or rest. This model kit is definitely not for beginners, but will prove a delightful challenge for more experienced modelers!