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Slackers Tree Climbers


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Take the ground out of playground! Now you can reach new heights with this Tree Climbers kit!

Ages: 5+

Tree Climbers are easy to install without harming a tree. Since they are easy to install and adjust, you can set them up for smaller children or for adults. Space them closer together to start and space them out further as they grow. Also great for tree limbs (minimum diameter of 10") to practice your bouldering skills. We used standard climbing hold bolts so you can also switch out for your own holds for extra training.

DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS: Set includes 6 heavy-duty strong base plates - (7" width x 6" height x 2" depth) and 4 climbing holds, with 1" webbing - 36" and adjustable ratchet system. 250 pounds Weight limit - Ages 5+ SPECIAL DESIGNED Base Plates -Will not hurt trees!

The set includes 6 bases with ratchet straps and 4 climbing holds (the bottom 2 bases are footholds)...

  • STRONG HOT TREND KIDS CLIMBING: Due to popularity of American Ninja Warrior show, Climbing gyms have had their best year in 2017 and over new 100 new gyms/ Ninja Warrior facilities being built in the US.
  • EXCELLENT TO USE with AWARD WINING NINJALINE: Climb the tree and transition over to the Ninjaline which is the super popular monkey bar obstacle course kit.
  • EASY TO USE AND INSTALL: Sets up quickly on most trees – up to 84” circumference(distance around tree) or diameter 28”. Move closer together for smaller children or further apart for older children or adults.
  • KIDS LOVE TO CLIMB TREES - Use our innovative Ninja Tree Climbers to help get kids climbing trees and up to the first branch so they can hang out.
  • Maximum Weight: 250 lbs
  • Parent supervision advised for children.