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Smart Tech Lifting Bridge

SKU: B33961

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Brio 33961, Boy/Girl, 3 yr(s), 3 pc(s), Multicolor

Ages: 3+

This sturdy lifting bridge controls the traffic flow in Brio World, allowing ships to pass safely under it or trains to cross it when it's all clear. The bridge’s inbuilt Smart Tech brings this play scenario to life with a series of pre-programmed animations when it interacts with the Smart Tech Engine (not included). Turn the orange knob to raise the bridge and the Smart Tech Engine will automatically stop, toot its horn and blink its lights while it waits for the bridge to be lowered. Lower the bridge and the Smart Tech Engine will automatically start up again and cross the bridge, tooting its horn as it goes.
The bridge play helps children to re-enact lifelike scenarios and understand their world better. It also helps in their development by promoting logical thinking and honing their fine motor skills at a young age.

  • Includes: 1x Lifting Bridge with Smart Tech Functions, 2x Wooden Ascending Tracks
  • Compatible with any Brio World tracks
  • No batteries needed