Spinning Tops

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Put a fun, modern spin on a reward for a child, or give lovely, lively party favors!

Ages: 3+

The classic tops feature a modern cyclone design that will quickly twist and spin around to entertain children of all ages. Add to any party bag for immediate play-time fun. Whirling with a wild vortex design, these tops of varying vibrant red, green, and blue give kids an extra twirl of fun that keeps them excited and playing even after the party has ended.
  • A top featuring a modern hollow vortex design
  • A great addition to any bag of party favors
  • Quickly spins to amaze eyes of all ages
  • Appealing modern design
  • Vibrant primary colors vary, color selection not available
  • Made of durable, solid plastic
  • Approximately 2 inches
    1 Spinning Top
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