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Sports Word Search Puzzles

SKU: DP825000

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Calling all sports fans! When you're not watching or playing your favorite games, you can have more fun with this collection of 100 word search puzzles!

Ages: 12+

Sports enthusiasts, trivia buffs, and anyone who loves brain games will appreciate these puzzles, which feature terms related to baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, karate, tennis, volleyball, swimming, and other athletic pursuits, from skydiving to sled dog racing.

Find the hidden words in each puzzle and cross them off the list. They can be found vertically, horizontally, forward, backward, or diagonally in any direction. Words always run in a straight line and never skip letters, and the same letter may be used to form more than one word. You'll not only sharpen your spelling, vocabulary, and word recognition skills, you'll increase your knowledge about almost every sport. Don't worry if you get stumped; solutions appear at the back of the book.

  • By Frank J. D'Agostino and Ilene J. Rattiner