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Taco Takeover

SKU: UG1068

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Ready, Set, TACO! Taco Takeover is a tasty race that will have you and your friends scrambling to collect ingredients!

Ages: 6+

Players: 2+

Play Time: 20 min

Each round begins with a restaurant order ticket lying face down. Once the ticket is flipped over, players race to sort through the pile of ingredients to complete the order. But watch out: there are special cards that can make a mess of your work. If you draw a cockroach card, then you have to dump out all of your collected ingredients. If you happen to draw an antacid card, then you can make another player dump out his or her ingredients. The first person to collect all of the required ingredients in their taco shell and yell “OLE!” wins the round and keeps the order ticket. The first player to collect three order tickets wins the game. Pick up Taco Takeover for some of the tastiest fun out there!
  • Silly, fun, and fast-paced action
  • Teaches competitive play, fast reflexes and quick reading
  • Comes with four taco shells, 17 topping cards, 20 order tickets, a cloth storage bag and instructions
  • 4 Plastic Taco Shells
  • 75 Taco Topping Cards
  • 20 Order Tickets
  • Rules