Turing Tumble


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By placing simple plastic parts onto a mechanical computer board your students build their own marble-powered computers. This high-tech hands-on, STEM-based learning tool builds logic, critical thinking skills, and fundamental coding concepts!

Ages: 8+

Turing Tumble is unlike anything else out there. It actually lets students see and feel how computers work. It lets them code without getting bogged down by language syntax, and it doesn’t require a phone or tablet to operate. It’s perfect for your Makerspace and STEM programs. Turing Tumble comes with a book of 60+ puzzles. They start out easy and become steadily more challenging. Each puzzle leads the player to discover new concepts that can be applied to more complicated puzzles later on. The puzzles are woven into a 20-page comic story, beautifully illustrated by Jiaoyang Li, where each puzzle brings Alia the space engineer closer to rescue from a seemingly deserted planet. Jiaoyang is a senior at the University of Minnesota, majoring in both art and computer science. This will be her first published artwork.


  • 1 game board
  • 1 game board stand
  • 30 ramps
  • 10 bits
  • 8 gear bits
  • 6 crossovers
  • 4 gears
  • 3 interceptors
  • 1 presser
  • 20 red marbles
  • 20 blue marbles
  • 1 puzzle book
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