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Waddles - Reversible Sequin Penguin Backpack

SKU: TY95029

We have run out of stock for this item.

Ages: 3+

If you love Waddles, the penguin, just look at him now. He is so handsome he should take a bow. With shiny blue sequins that flip over to black. He's such a cool friend to wear on your back. For all of those things, you take place to place, use this Beanie Boo backpack with a cute fuzzy face.



When I swim, I go really fast
But when I run, I'm usually last!

  • Beanie Boo backpacks are sure to stand out as a class of their own
  • This blue, black, and white themed penguin is adorable and easily accessorized
  • Waddles wants to lend a helpful flipper by keeping your stuff behind his zipper!
  • Fully reversible color-changing sequin motif
  • Sturdy construction for a trip or hiking
  • Adjustable straps make them perfect for anyone who needs a little sparkle in their travel gear!
  • Top-zip closure with a Ty Tassel pull
  • Lined interior with color-coordinated prints
  • 8 x 13 x 4 in