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Whales - Toob

SKU: SF100072

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Ages: 3+

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Whales are some of the largest animals in the world, but we’ve shrunken them down to fit in this convenient and portable Toob! This set features 10 highly detailed whales including a blue whale, Bryde’s whale, minke whale, right whale, bowhead whale, humpback whale, gray whale, beluga whale, pilot whale and sperm whale.
  • History: Whales are descended from land-dwelling mammals that ventured into the sea around 50 million years ago. Whales can be divided into two categories: Mysticetes (baleen whales) that use sieve-like structures in their mouth called baleen to filter tiny organisms from the water for food, and Odontocetes (toothed whales) that hunt other animals to catch in their toothed jaws. Both types of whale breathe through the top of their head via nostrils called blowholes - Myscticetes have two blowholes, whereas Odontocetes have one
  • Characteristics: The professionally hand painted figurines in this set are educational, scientifically accurate, and fun! From the callosities on the right whale’s head to the wavy texture of the sperm whale’s body, these whales are packed with detail. These mini figures are fantastic Montessori toys for teaching lessons about ocean creatures and their habitat
  • Size: Features 10 marine cetacean figures that range from 2.5" to 4" inches long.