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Zoo Run

SKU: IE51600

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With zoo run, you can choose cooperating, competing or both!

Ages: 4+

Players: 2–5

Play Time: 10 min

Free the animals from the zoo before the zookeeper arrives and celebrate their releases with an exciting race to the city! In both cases, create the most animals by adjoining your cards to win the game!

Line up cards to form animals and help them escape (cooperative mode for ages 4 and up) or win the race of the year (competitive mode for ages 6 and up) ! Two games in one!

The main mechanics of the game is to use specific cards: on the left are 3 animal butts, on the right are 3 heads: of a lama, a panda, a turtle, an elephant or a lynx.

To win, place your cards face up on the table and try to find the best combination of those cards in order to complete the most animals (with matching heads and bottoms). There is always at least one solution, but you goal if to try and find the best solution!

    • 40 Animal tokens
    • 10 Path tokens
    • 30 Cards
    • 5 Animals standees
    • 1 Zookeeper standee
    • 1 Double-sided board
    • 1 Finish zone (the game box)