Rooster Run

Ages: 7+

Players: 2-6

Play Time: 10 min.

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Get ready to hunt for love, as you dig up worthy worms to woo the hearts of the hens on the farm!

Imitating the sound of a chicken pecking, you will race to pick up the earthworm tokens using only one hand at a time. Then, after looking at the image printed on the reverse side of the token, quickly decide if the worm matches one you are looking for this round. After you find two worthy worms, end the round by calling out “Cock-adoodle-doo!!” and score points for correct matches.

You will need to pick up quickly and pay close attention to the seemingly identical worms if you want to win this game of speed and observation!


  • 6 Rooster Rings
  • 32 Chicken Cards
  • 12 Sweetheart Cards
  • 40 Earthworm Tokens
  • 8 Broken Heart Chips
  • Illustrated Rules
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