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The Red Balloon Toy Store Announces Partnership with Icecat

The Red Balloon Toy Store Announces Partnership with Icecat

The Red Balloon Toy Store Uses Icecat

We want to announce that we, The Red Balloon Toy Store, have chosen to adopt the Icecat Toys Data Model. We now use Icecat product content for our e-commerce activities. We are the second US toy retail chain to adopt this toy data standard.

In the past four years, the Toy Data Model has developed into a global market standard and the use is growing every day. New retailers connect, and more toy brands join to make their product content available in the Icecat Toys Catalog. Icecat helps our brands to be more effective in promoting, and positioning their products  on our website and elsewhere. They also help improve the coverage and completeness of our product content and reduce the time-to-market for our new products.

We, as a Full Icecat subscriber, have access to the Free Vendor Central Program and we invite all of you, our amazing vendors to register.


Benefits of Free Vendor Central:

When you sign up for Free Vendor Central, your team uploads your product information and/or catalog onto the Icecat site. Entered product information goes straight into the Icecat catalog and is ready to go live in minutes. Icecat then makes that data available to our store that we can download and use for our e-commerce and marketing needs. This gives you, as a vendor, control over your product titles, descriptions, specs, images and videos. We then use them and advertise your product as you want it to be seen. Icecate provides tech support when needed. 

Because Icecat gives us one place to find the information we need, when you, as a vendor, choose to work with Icecat, your product will be prioritized and get onto our website and into our system ahead of other vendors. 

For more information, contact Icecat online or register for Free Vendor Central. You can also access this tutorial for How to Register Online for Free Vendor Central.