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Welcome to tonies®

Toniebox was designed to be the perfect companion for any child's playroom or bedroom. The Toniebox comes alive when paired with a collection of Tonies, hand-painted characters that have stories to tell and songs to sing.

How it Works

Girl places creative Tonie on Toniebox

The Toniebox puts control of storytime in the hands of your little listener.

Girl squeezes Toniebox ears to change the volume

Squeeze an ear to raise or lower the volume.

Girl slaps the Toniebox to skip to the next story

Tap the sides to change chapters or tilt to fast-forward or rewind.

Girl lifts Tonie off of a Toniebox

Even swapping stories is simple. Just place a different Tonie on the box to begin a new adventure.

Easy Setup. Safe Settings.

With the Tonie App, parents are always in control. Easily adjust settings like maximum volume and access rights, in addition to uploading content to Creative Tonies. Rest easy knowing your little one's Toniebox is totally safe and secure.