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5-In-1 Buildable Drone With HD Camera

SKU: TK620379

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Ages: 8+
Learn about how drones fly and how robotic devices can be used to get the perfect shot every time with this innovative engineering kit!

Build a high-tech, flying camera drone and four other camera-enabled robotic models. Control your robots using the remote-control interface in the included app, which you can install on your tablet or smartphone, or write programs for your drone using an easy, visual programming language in the app. The onboard HD camera lets you capture photos and video from the moving robots.

The robotic camera car allows you to get zooming and panning shots, depending on how you angle the camera. A 360-degree camera allows you to see all around you and a turntable camera lets you take a rotating shot. The hands-free camera mounting lets you take photos by simply saying “photo.” Four electric motors, a central controller unit, and an included lithium battery, as well as over one hundred building pieces, make it all possible.