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The Bluffing Dice Game

Ages: 8+

Players: 3-8

Play Time: 15 min

Bamboozled is a fast-paced bluffing dice/card game. In this hilarious new game you try to outwit your friends and family and be the last one standing. Players roll dice in subsequent turns and must get a higher roll than the previous player. If they don't they have to convince the next player that they did. If a player calls a bluff the bluffing player gets a strike. 3 strikes and you're out! BUT! Each player starts with an action card that will help you bluff or force someone else to make the call. Even if you have to bluff you may be able to use an action card to make it true and give the other player a strike, so play your cards carefully. Players can also get more cards by BAMBOOZLING other players, meaning, if you bluff and no one calls you on it, you get another card.