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Cover Your Kingdom

SKU: GB7062
A punderfully ruthless party game from the creators of Cover Your Assets, Skull King, and The Bears and The Bees.

Ages: 9+

Players: 2-8

Play Time: 30 min

Cover Your Kingdom is an absurdly cutthroat take-that (and-this-and-the-other) set-collection party game. It's quick to pick up, hard to put down, and constantly amusing. Clash with Rival Rulers as you battle to persuade Clans of Punderful Magical Creatures to join your Kingdom. This is no contest for the weak of heart (or thin of skin). Your Kingdom is in need of creatures and you must be willing to do ANYTHING to acquire them! Equally engaging for adults, teens, and older kids, with loads of player-interaction and compelling, yet easy to grasp mechanics, it's the ideal game for building relationships... or destroying them! (Perfect for family reunions!)

  • 116 Regular Creatures
  • 10 Free Creatures
  • 15 Wild Creatures
  • 1 Reigning Ruler Token
  • 8 Kingdom Mats
  • 60 Constellation Tokens
  • 8 Kingdom Power/Reference Cards
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