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Dolphin Paradise XXL

SKU: RV12895

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Ravensburger Dolphin Paradise XXL, Jigsaw puzzle, 300 pc(s), Animals, Children, 9 yr(s)

Ages: 9+

Pieces: 300 pc(s)

Dimensions: 490 mm x 360 mm

This beautiful puzzle captures a pod of dolphins enjoying life in a warm tropical ocean. Many of them leap out of the water, making interesting shapes against the colourful early evening sky. Others stay underwater, swimming amongst the jewel-coloured tropical fish and vibrant corals. This clever design gives us a great view of life both above and underneath the waterline. This fun and colourful puzzle is a family-friendly pastime for ages 8+. A moment of calm and fulfilment, away from computer, TV and phone screens.\n\nThe puzzle is cut to 300 large pieces, is made from strong premium grade cardboard and has a finished size of 49 x 36cm. The jigsaw has a linen finish print to minimise glare and is suitable for ages 9 years upwards. It is also ideal for anyone who prefers puzzles with larger, easy to handle pieces.