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Explorer Series Starter Tumbler


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Ages: 8+
A diamond in the rough? Turn ordinary rocks into beautifully polished gemstones with our National Geographic Rock Tumbler Kit. This starter kit is a great way to get kids, and adults alike, introduced to the popular hobby of rock tumbling. And it's so easy to use—just insert rocks (half-pound bag included, or select your own small rocks), polishing grit, and water into the barrel; attach it to the tumbler base; and plug in the tumbler. With a little bit of patience, and a lot of anticipation, children will be amazed at the dazzling results! Turn them into beautiful pieces of jewelry, glue them on a picture frame or Christmas ornament, or add them as accents in potted plants. The durable motor on this tumbling machine allows you to tumble and transform multiple batches of rocks. And a leak-proof, rubber-lined barrel (color may vary) provides quieter operation. This educational toy is great for late night boredom-busters at a sleepover, and makes a perfect gift for kids interested in science and STEM activities. Accessories include a half-pound bag of rough rocks (size of rocks varies), four bags of polishing grits (0.7 oz. each), a rock strainer, five jewelry settings, and a learning guide with instructions and fascinating facts on gemstones.