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Farm Kindergarten - Wooden City 300pc

SKU: KD503052

We have run out of stock for this item.

Ages: 8+

Pieces: 300

Dimensions: 10” x 14.8”

Launched with an eco-friendly, ecology first mindset, Wooden City puzzles combine the enjoyment of a high quality, double-sided wooden jigsaw puzzle with the magic of whimsical, non-traditionally shaped pieces. Discover how each one-of-a-kind puzzle is a story and adventure that will carry your imagination away.

Each puzzle contains numerous unique shapes, characters, figures, and symbols that are cut seamlessly into the pattern. Think of these as mysterious little surprises each puzzle experience offers. These puzzles offer a high quality, rich beautiful image on the front and a detailed wallpaper style pattern on the back. Wooden City double-sided wooden puzzles offer a unique building experience that is sure to captivate puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.