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Fog Dragon

SKU: SF10154

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Ages: 4+

Closely related to the Cloud Dragon, the Fog Dragon has a much darker persona than its cloud-loving cousin. Fog Dragons sneak about wherever dense fog can hide their movements, and their thin wings make their secret flights inaudible.

History: The Cloud Dragon was one of the earliest species of elemental dragons, and its cousin the Fog Dragon was an early adaptation. The Fog Dragon retains the immense size and structure of its relative, but living nearer the ground has forced the adoption of a dark coloration and an even darker personality. They tend to live near coasts and wetlands where fog is prevalent, preferring the misty clouds for cover as they make low flights over unsuspecting townsfolk. They are ferocious at sea as well, slashing through sails and masts in foggy harbors. Their exploits have often been blamed on strong winds or storms.

Story: A two-masted ship plowed through rough waters, all topsails furled in the swirling winds. The helmsmen struggled to keep the rudder straight, while deck hands wrestled with wet ropes to lash the main sail and tie down loose crates. A thin moon would have lit the way, but a dense fog accompanied the wild sea and kept the ship in near darkness. Amid the crashing of waves over the main deck, the captain thought he heard a new sound, something like the flapping of mighty wings. Suddenly there was a snap, and the fore topmast came crashing toward the forecastle deck, crunching and sending splinters in every direction. The captain assumed it was a strong gust of wind, but suddenly he heard another crack, and this time the main topmast smashed into the deck. This was no ordinary fog and no ordinary storm. A chill went through the captain. Other old sailors told stories of a malevolent beast, a fog dragon, in these waters, but he’d never believed their yarns. Until now.
  • Size in inches: 8.46 L x 5.91 W x 4.72 H
  • Size and Color: A stunning mix of shiny black, moonlit green, and surprising blue give the Fog Dragon a most unique look. It’s 8 ½ inches long and 6 inches tall, about the size of a tablet.
  • The Fog Dragon is part of the Dragons collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free