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Ages: 3+
Thanks to its flaky skin, our Schleich WILD LIFE Iguana doesn't need to be afraid of small attackers and also doesn't need to put on sunscreen. It uses its big head to communicate with other reptiles or nod in time with the music. But sometimes it’s hard to tell between dancing and talking... Did it just say something?

WWUUAAAARRR! Although the Iguana from Schleich WILD LIFE is smaller than its reptile relatives, it is still a tough little lizard. Flaky skin protects it from sharp teeth and UV light. So it doesn't need to be afraid of little enemies or sunscreen. Our little crawler also has a tail that can be almost twice as long as the rest of its body. Perfect for defense or drawing pictures in the sand. With its magnificent head, our brave Iguana not only nods in time with the beat at concerts, but also communicates with other iguanas. This can sometimes lead to dance-talk misunderstandings.

Fun Fact
The spines on an iguana’s back look cool and scare away attackers.